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The Whitney Museum’s Biennial Silence and Its Culture of Oppression

The Whitney Museum chooses silence in an effort to displace, downplay, and negate valid public outrage regarding their policies, ethics and leadership. By Jamara Wakefield May 17th marked the start of the 79th Whitney Biennial. The Biennial is a contemporary art exhibition, featuring typically young and lesser-known artists, at the Whitney Museum of American Art...


Medium Reality’s Genderfluid Fashion Takes Sustainable Design to the Next Level

Medium Reality’s gender-neutral fashion uses natural dyes made from rust, and laser-cuts designs rather than using toxic screen-printing methods. This week, Oakland, California, creatives showed off their gorgeous, eclectic visions at The Beautiful Ones fashion show at The Crucible in West Oakland. With models of all shapes, abilities, races and genders walking down a fiery runway, Hot...


5 Things You Can Do Help After a Crisis

Last week’s Ghost Ship fire in Oakland has still left the community reeling and looking to pick up the pieces together. A lot of folks are asking how to help, but have no clue what to do in a time of crisis. Here are five helpful things that you can do when a community is recovering...


Thousands Join Hands Around Oakland’s Lake Merritt in Post-Election Demonstration

Last weekend, more than 8,500 people came together in Oakland, California, for a demonstration called Hands Around Lake Merritt. It was dreamed up by Alison White, a somatic psychotherapist with a vision to connect community during the post-election. Lake Merritt, in the heart of Oakland, is roughly 3.4 miles around. White happens to be part of my somatic...


Riding Transit While Black Can Be A Death Sentence

BART police have been scrutinized before for police brutality. Remember Oscar Grant? We live in a time when footage of police officers abusing their authority and using excessive force to terrorize citizens finds its way online almost every single day. This past weekend was no exception. On Sunday, in San Francisco, California, a video leaked of...


Rep. Barbara Lee Shares Heartbreaking Story of 16-Year-Old Girl’s Death During House Sit-In

Rep. Barbara Lee Reminded Congress What Gun Reform Is Really About During House Sit-In https://www.facebook.com/RepBarbaraLee/photos/a.169591542786.120416.92190287786/10154173233172787/?type=3&theater   Sixteen-year-old former Girls Inc. student  Reggina Jefferies loved to dance. It’s how she expressed herself. She danced for church, for family, for friends. That’s what she was doing on June 15 this year, just before being killed by gunfire...