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Ambient Trauma: Giving Name To The Burgeoning Pains Of Our Times

Healing from ambient trauma will require destroying the ideologies and systems that engender harm and in their place cultivating more just and caring ways of living.  CW: discussion of trauma in the general & abstract form (i.e. no specific details), with occasional reference to specific environmental disasters and general events By Jonathan Fisk Nobody is...


Worker Exploitation, Capitalism, and The “Normal” We Can’t Return To

In a capitalist system, “normal” means worker mistreatment and exploitation, and this disproportionately impacts already marginalized groups.  By Princess Avianne Charles “Normal” was considered many things but it certainly was not good enough. For many, what was considered normal was mentally and physically draining, it revoked them of their access to basic necessities and it...


An Incantation For Life and Death Under Indian Fascism

Like everything else, the government has privatised loss. The state bargains with death and leaves citizens to bleed while business deals are made with the fallen bodies.  CW: Coronavirus, death, communal riots By Rohitha Naraharisetty The long and short of it is that, in this country, in the company of death, I am running out...


What A Black Woman Medical Provider Sees Watching The COVID-19 Pandemic Unfold

Medical racism persists beyond historical fact to become current tradition, and inequalities can only be magnified by the circumstance of an emergency. How many more opportunities for widened healthcare disparity has COVID-19 given us?  By Racquel Reid, MD As the population of the United States trudges doggedly through endless months of uncontrolled COVID-19 spread, my...


What It’s Like To Have OCD During A Pandemic

As the world rushes to buy hospital masks and latex gloves, my OCD has made me feel like I am in on some kind of secret: the true cost of fear and panic. TW/CW: this article mentions suicidal ideation By Gloria Oladipo These past few weeks have been surreal for me. As someone who has...