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What To Consider Before Filling Out The Census

During a chaotic time of shifting electoral politics and COVID-19, it’s good to look at the history of the census so you can make the best decision for yourself.  By William Lau Over the past couple of weeks, you might have noticed advertisements and infographics for the 2020 census. I’ve seen them everywhere from television...


Enough Of The Disappointing And Violent White Moderate

A white moderate would sooner set me on fire, douse the flames, and then accuse me of harassment for asking why they lit the match. I have to be honest, I don’t give a fuck about American politics. Maybe local politics a little bit, but in the larger sense, I don’t care about electoral politics....


Electoral Politics Won’t Save Us. Here Is What To Do Instead.

Liberation won’t come at the hands of politicians who benefit from the maintenance of oppressive structures. Four organizers tell us how we can push beyond electoral politics.  By Reina Sultan I’ve had many political identities. When I was young—during the George W. Bush years—I was a quiet dissident, knowing the Iraq War and the Patriot...


How Lauren Duca and Other Liberals Weaponize Feminist Language To Uphold Oppressions

In the over-simplification of feminist language, Lauren Duca and other so-called feminists have stripped feminist theory of its anti-capitalist stance. By Nashwa Lina Khan In January 2020, The Independent published a piece by Lauren Duca entitled “In Backing Liz Warren And Amy Klobuchar, The New York Times Rejected Toxic Masculinity- As We All Should”. The...


The Convenient Erasure Of Women Of Color Sanders’ Supporters

Women of color who support Sanders have been erased despite being his most ardent supporters. This is rooted in a long history of voter disenfranchisement. By Nashwa Lina Khan Feminism like any theory and practice changes as it travels, it can also be weaponized to create reductive arguments that support the oppressions it intended to...


‘Black Panther’ And ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Are Political Parallels, But White People Only Complain About One

To say that Black Panther is needlessly political is not only a critique mired in anti-Blackness but an insult to superhero narratives as a whole. This essay contains spoilers for Marvel’s Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok  Black History Month 2018 saw the release of the highly-anticipated and long-awaited Black Panther, and the blockbuster juggernaut received...