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Prison Food, Abolitionist Geographies, and Food Sovereignty: Food as a Tool of Resistance

Eating in prison is deeply political. Carceral institutions weaponize and transform the role of food provision into a tool of control, dehumanization, and state-sanctioned violence. By Kanav Kathuria and Jamesha Caldwell Food conditions in prisons across the United States have drawn increased media attention in recent months. Incidents such as white supremacist Jacob Chansley—also known...


Surviving Rape as a Prison Abolitionist

People try to poke holes in the prison abolition movement by asking “what about rapists, do you want them just wandering around?” But they already are. TW/CW: mentions of sexual assault and details of r/pe. By Miriam Perez-Putnam It took me two years to tell anyone I had been raped. I won’t go into details...


The Criminal Justice System: Returning Citizens Share Their Perspectives

The loudest voices discussing the criminal justice system often aren’t the voices we should be listening to. Three returning citizens share their stories here. In September 2019, the 34th Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, John Fetterman, stated plainly and clearly that his one goal for his term is to keep people from dying needlessly in prison....


2020 Democrats And Their Harmful Histories With Police

Just like Kamala, most of the prominent white candidates have complicated (read: bad) histories with policing, incarceration, and Black people in general.  When Senator Kamala Harris dropped out of the presidential race last week, her supporters on Twitter claimed that she was unfairly treated by the “Kamala is a cop” narrative. They said that belaboring...


The Trauma Inflicted Upon Migrant Children Today Mirrors The Experiences Of Korean Adoptees

Shared and ongoing histories of war and exploitation necessitate us to fight alongside not only migrant families, but all people engaged in struggle for collective liberation.  CW: This essay mentions suicide and r/pe. By Elizabeth Niarhos Increased family separation and child abuse and neglect by the United States government against immigrant families have prompted thought-provoking...