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Beacon Pressed: ‘White Fragility’ and Performativity at Publishing’s Latest Woke Darling

Beacon thrives on liberal antiracism, which is shallow and is exemplified perfectly in the self-help, individualist tripe ‘White Fragility’ serves up. If you ask most white people to quote Martin Luther King Jr., you’re likely to receive one of two responses. Liberals and conservatives will probably misquote “I Have a Dream,” mentioning the table of...


INTO’s Closure Reflects the Brutality of The Media Industry Towards Queer and Trans Writers of Color

Those who are harmed the most by Grindr’s decision to shut down INTO magazine are queer and trans Black writers. On Tuesday morning Grindr closed down its LGBTQ+ publication, INTO after laying off the magazine’s entire editorial and social media staff, leaving full-time employees without jobs while dozens of freelancers and columnists lost their primary...


White People Need to Stop Colonizing Fiction

Reclaiming and retelling our stories is the first step toward decolonization–this shouldn’t be forgotten even and especially when we are speaking about fiction. By Lisa Hofmann-Kuroda   Recent discussions around cultural appropriation have, for the most part, centered on tangible cultural products: clothing, food, hair, dance, music, language, and visual art are among the most...


Diversity In Media Matters

Wear Your Voice is Providing More Opportunities for Underrepresented Voices in the Publishing Industry   “As a South Asian woman growing up in a traditional Indian family, I was often shut out of important decision-making processes. South Asians in tech are usually delegated to males who do not create pipelines for underrepresented communities within their...