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The Institutionalized Repression Of Queer And Transgender Rights in Ghana

The absence of media reporting on violence against queer and transgender Ghanaians dismisses the realities of harm that the community experiences and sustains a narrative that we are not human.  By Anima Adjepong Ghana prides itself on being one of the friendliest and most welcoming African countries. Building upon a history of pan-African activism, diaspora/heritage...


Jackie Hill Perry Cannot Separate Herself From The Antagonizing Nature of The Church

Jackie Hill Perry somehow thinks that she is separate from the anti-Black, anti-fat, colonialist nature of the Church. She is not. Days ago, an accomplished poet by the name of Jackie Hill Perry was invited to discuss her relationship to the Church and her sexuality by KevOnStage—a popular YouTube personality. The hour-long conversation between the...


Black Hollywood Has a Black Patriarchy Problem

There’s no point to Black Hollywood if it’s gonna replicate the same structural oppressions that already exist in the entertainment industry at-large. The nominations for the 77th Golden Globes awards ceremony came out in December. And even more recently, nominations for the 92nd Academy Awards ceremony came out, roughly a week ago. And predictably, they...


Rape Culture, DL Men, and The Carcerality Of The Closet

The intent is not to absolve anyone who has committed sexual violence within the queer community. The intent is to reimagine justice. TW/CW: descriptions of sexual assault and abuse, homophobia, and incarceration This piece was originally published in 2017 at dashaunharrison.com I was around 8 the first time. I still have very clear mirages of...


Tamar Braxton and Cishet Black Women’s Complicated Relationships to Queer Black People

Tamar’s statement goes beyond harming cishet men, it opens up a particular kind of violence against Queer Black people. This essay contains discussions of sexual violence and r/pe culture Recently, recording artist and television personality, Tamar Braxton, made a post on her Instagram story where she essentially claims that the one and only reason a...