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Jameela Jamil Is Unqualified To Be A Mental Health Advocate

Not only is Jameela Jamil ill-equipped to be a mental health advocate, she has shown that she doesn’t care to learn better. By Candice Alaska [TW: brief mention of gun violence and murder, sexual violence towards women, and police violence towards disabled BIPOC.] Ever one to be a part of the discourse, self-described “Feminist-in-Progress” and...


If This Didn’t Push You Further To The Left, What Will?

There is no freedom under capitalism, white supremacy, and cisheteropatriarchy. If none of this pushes you further left, then what will? If last night’s political theater didn’t push you further to the left, then I don’t know what will.  If it wasn’t the complete and utter lack of policy proposals, if it wasn’t the attempts...


Uber And The NFL’s Corporate Platitudes Will Not End Racism

Uber and the NFL’s words mean nothing when their actions say the complete opposite. Let’s dive into the historic racism of both entities, shall we? In 2020, literal centuries into the American settler-colonial project, corporations have finally decided to acknowledge the existence of racism. Groundbreaking! This newfound realization—and subsequent attempts to be woke—come during a...


‘Lovecraft Country’ Could Be The Massive “Fuck You” Racist H.P. Lovecraft Deserves

Racism and xenophobia were integral to the creation of H.P. Lovecraft’s cosmic horror, and HBO’s ‘Lovecraft Country’ could subvert that. H.P. Lovecraft inspired many of our most popular modern storytellers, such as Guillermo del Toro, John Carpenter, and Stephen King. His writing and imagination have undeniably had a significant impact on the horror and sci-fi...


Michaela Coel And Netflix’s Problem With Empowered Black Women

Michaela Coel turned down Netflix’s offer because she recognized her worth. She questioned the ways they planned on exploiting her and found a better plan. People always say to “know your worth.” “Recognize your value.” “Stand in your power.” “Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve.” But this always turns into a public debate...


Abusive White Men Thrive in The Film Industry

Within the film industry white male directors employ abusive tactics and create hostile work environments in the name of genius and so-called authenticity. TW/CW: mentions of rape and abuse. You know one of the quotes I hate the most? “No pain, no gain.” There are several reasons I absolutely loathe this quote that masquerades as...