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Black Women Have Long Celebrated Their Sexuality Through Music

From Lucille Bogan in the 1930s to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion today, Black women have long celebrated their sexuality. Hess Love’s “Heauxin’ Blues” playlist proves this. Black sexuality has been celebrated in song for generations. Suffice it to say, we been talking about, singing about, rapping about fucking. However, many “respectable” Black folks...


DaBaby Is Having The Time of His Goddamn Life And We Love to See It

DaBaby represents a departure from the era of the self-serious, brooding, and borderline self-righteous rapper to something more, well, fun. This past weekend, North Carolina rapper DaBaby finally made his long-awaited debut on Saturday Night Live and boy… what a debut it was. On top of the social media reception being overwhelmingly positive, most of...


It’s MY Pussy, I’ll Rap About It If I Want To!

Megan Thee Stallion challenges the notion that womxn who rap can only express themselves in one way, be one thing, and that must be approved of by men working in the music industry.  By Ro Carson Multi-hyphenate rapper Jermaine Dupri recently expressed disillusion with the current state of Hip Hop, particularly with womxn in the...


French Montana: Starting Sh*t on Twitter Doesn’t Make You Relevant

Slut-shaming from French Montana, who dates Kardashians, clearly enjoys oral sex, and parades around music videos with beautiful women is so played. I. Literally. Cannot. A simple-minded, backhanded troll has catapulted French Montana from whatever studio where he was rapping about fame, fortune and bitches, back into the discussion of his relevancy to rap culture and race...