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Surviving Rape as a Prison Abolitionist

People try to poke holes in the prison abolition movement by asking “what about rapists, do you want them just wandering around?” But they already are. TW/CW: mentions of sexual assault and details of r/pe. By Miriam Perez-Putnam It took me two years to tell anyone I had been raped. I won’t go into details...


Supporting Garbage People Like Johnny Depp Makes You A Misogynist

As long as our culture refuses to hold the Depps of the world accountable, there will always be women like Heard who will be tasked with watching their abusers prosper. [TW/CW: discussion of domestic violence, rape culture and mentions of sexual assault.] New York Magazine’s July 27th, 2015 cover is still as harrowing as it...


Dishonor Roll: Campus Sexual Assaults Begin Before College

When engaging in conversations about campus assault awareness, we cannot limit it to higher education and college campuses.  TW/CW: This essay contains extensive discussion of sexual violence involving minors, including mentions of r/pe. On June 10, a high school valedictorian had her mic cut off during her commencement ceremony speech. Lulabel Seitz tried to speak...


Jeffrey Tambor is Trash: Talent and Genius Doesn’t Justify Abuse

There is no such art, no such glorious work of fiction, no such extraordinary performance, that excuses a real-life abuser. By Candice Frederick It’s been a mere eight months since women in Hollywood first brought Harvey Weinstein’s horrid history of sexual assault to the masses, and just as long since the #MeToo movement catapulted to...


‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ and the Reproductive Rights Movement’s White Supremacy Problem

White feminists identify so strongly with The Handmaid’s Tale because it is a show about white women in slavery. [CW/TW: This essay contains extensive discussion of reproductive violence and some mention of sexual violence.] Reproductive rights is a subject that is central to the politics of white feminism because it is the second most prominent fight...