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‘Bad Girls Club’ and the Profitability of Misogynoir in Reality Television

The spectacle held in Bad Girls Club’s mass appeal was the promise of anti-Black violence, misogynoir, and the narrative exploitation of women who needed real help.  By Monika Estrella Negra Bad Girls Club, in which a group of self-proclaimed “Bad Girls” are given the opportunity to hash out their toxic social skills together in a...


Indian Reality TV is Pushing Modi’s Hindutva Narrative

This new insurgency of Indian reality TV has become “a terrible shorthand that erases all the different cultures and societies within India,” in the process of showing Modi’s modern India, exclusive to Hindus. CW: mentions sexual assault/r*pe By Manaal Farooqi Over the past year, Netflix has become even more essential to passing the time, and...


‘Next In Fashion’ is a Lesson on Effective and Ineffective Allyship

Next in Fashion’s ‘streetwear’ episode is a master class of how Black men can be effective and ineffective allies to Black women. By Paige Robinson The fashion industry has a racism problem. Fashion trends come and go, but apparently racism never goes out of style. This racism gets confronted, although inadvertently, in a streetwear-focused episode...


Cardi B. Reminds Us That Respectability Politics Won’t Save Black People

In a recent Instagram post, singer/songwriter Cardi B. clapped back at the haters who leave comments under her posts about reality TV being the reason black people are murdered. She says, “Stop trying to blame reality TV to try to show what’s wrong with [minorities/ black people]. “What’s wrong with us” has nothing to do with us,...