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These Are The Companies Profiting From Detaining Migrants At Border Concentration Camps

It doesn’t do migrants and refugees a service to pretend that white supremacy, capitalism and other forms of oppression aren’t intertwined. Today Wayfair employees walked out to protest the company’s sales to the U.S. government and its contractor’s concentration camps (let’s call them what they are) based in Texas.  547 Wayfair employees signed a letter...


Black Lives in Libya Matter Too

The situation in Libya is complex and that’s part of the reason it remains so deeply unresolved. The world is finally paying attention after an exclusive CNN report revealed a modern-day slave trade taking place in Libya. The war-torn North African nation has struggled to gain footing since long-time tyrannical leader Muammar Gaddafi was abruptly...


Want to Fight Trump’s Hate? Read These Books About Refugees.

Books about refugees are popular right now, and reading them will make you more empathetic. And then you can begin to fight back. People are hungry for stories about refugees, especially since President Donald Trump introduced an immigration ban on seven Muslim-majority countries including the ones embroiled in war. In response, fiction and non-fiction publishers are increasingly opening their doors to...


Yes, It Is a Muslim Ban. Here’s Why That’s Bad News for America.

The fact that President Donald Trump’s executive order effectively hurts Muslims abroad and in America is a sign that it is, indeed, a Muslim ban. The recent ban of refugees and other types of immigrants to the United States through President Donald Trump’s executive order has alarmed large swathes of the population. The instant the executive order...