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6 Steps to Finding Self-Love After Heartbreak

“You know what makes me feel AWESOME about myself? Messy heartbreak!” – No-one, ever. When you’ve deeply loved someone and that love dissolves or meets a sudden end, it can jolt you out of reality into a cloudy, confused state where you feel low, lost and alone. And, if you’ve ever suffered from self-esteem issues...


How to be Loved When You’re Black & Broken

Content Warning: This article contains topics such as trauma and suicide   Do I deserve love from others when I can’t love myself? Can I learn to love myself when I am broken as hell? To this day, I struggle with these questions. Being a black, queer, agender person, I’ve been through hell and back. I...


The Perils of Online Dating

By Lu C. Huynh  The internet dating scene is full of dick pics, and you plan to online date, it’s best to accept this now. Let’s not confuse things. There’s a time and place for perversion; perversion is not bad. Kinky public sex, naughty escapades in the workplace, doing that cosplay shit that involves latex. I’m...