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Ancestral Worship Helped Me Begin Healing From Generational Trauma

I’ve been immersing myself in ancestral religions—starting, obviously, by diligently trying to forge a genuine connection with my immediate ancestors. TW/CW: This essay mentions r/pe “Women leave in inches.” I don’t know who said this goddamn gem of a quote, but I’ve found it to be heavily applicable to my life. I took such an...


Our Cultures Have Always Been A Weapon Against White Supremacy

It is clear that the cultures of Black, Brown, and Indigenous peoples are incredibly significant because of how much white people fear them. Throughout history, cultural traditions have been used to mobilize groups of Black and Brown people together against a common threat—white supremacy. People of color have survived centuries of endless white violence and,...


Four Hoodoo Rituals For The Full Moon And Beyond

If you’re having trouble building a practice due to the lack of rigid schedules or want to put a little oomph behind your work, turn to the full moon — it will always smile upon you. The full moon is source of power and energy but I often tell people that we don’t use the...


Respecting Living Practices This Halloween

Everyone should be able to enjoy this commercial holiday and no one should have to worry about seeing themselves represented negatively so others can have a good time. A few weeks ago, a Twitter screenshot began to circulate calling for people not to dress up as witches for Halloween because it was in the same...


Diverse Tarot Decks You Can Buy Right Now

If you’re not equipped with a Tarot deck yet, we’re here to help! By Donyae Coles Tarot is an excellent skill not just for telling fortunes at a party but also for self-reflection. Learning to read the cards can help you figure out where your life is heading how you really feel about it. The...