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Sweet Vibrations: Everyone Deserves Their “O”

Sweet Vibrations is dedicated to ensuring that your pleasure is a priority. This is a sponsored post in partnership with Sweet Vibrations Despite there being more open discussions about sex and sexuality, the policing and shaming of pleasure and masturbation persists, particularly for people with vulvas. Because the stigma remains, people looking to explore what...


Non-Binary People Share Their Self-Care Tips

For trans and non-binary people, self-care starts with finding your environment, your home. When it comes to self-care, finding sources online will often lead to blogs focused on cisgender people, and doesn’t provide anything for self-care techniques aimed at those within the transgender and gender non-conforming communities. Self-care is not easily accessed by communities where...


Black and Brown Women are Not Here for You

Black, indigenous and women of color are not your sin-eaters, we don’t exist to endure pain for the sake of our communities. The 1st of May marks the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Month, and Wear Your Voice’s writers and editors have always worked on shedding light on the mental illness, health and the stigma...


Self-Love is About the Journey, Not the Destination

Committing to self-love whispered quietly in your mind is all you need to ground yourself in the work. Self-love is a term that’s honestly gotten a bad rep. Maybe it’s from buzzing around social media for so long without committing to the work of unpacking what it really means, but there’s a lot of confusion...


14 Self-Care Tips for Sexual Assault Survivors Suffering from PTSD

In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, here are some important self-care tips for when things become too much. For those suffering from acute or long-term post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression, there are often times when these become so overwhelming that it can be difficult to even accomplish the basic functions of daily living....


How I Faced the Unexpected with my Surgical Transition

I wanted to give those who read this and are getting any kind of transition surgery — or even just starting their transition in general — the tools to process the feelings they’ll probably feel. For much of my life, I’ve had to hide who I am. Whether it was from relative strangers or just...