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Sex education courses need to include asexuality

Students aren’t being taught in formative sex education courses that asexuality is in fact a valid sexual orientation, leaving some ace students feeling lonely or “sexually broken.”  This essay discusses sexual coercion and mentions r*pe By Ebony Purks Since coming out as asexual a little over a year ago, I’ve noticed how adequate asexual representation...


The Case for New Erotic Language

In acknowledging that our erotic language could be more expansive and continuing with this practice of language creation, we need new words. By Dalychia Saah There were so many words used to describe what I could expect for my first penetrative experience with a penis.  “It’s going to feel like your lungs are collapsing and...


Wild Flower Sex is a Lesson in White Abuse of Power

The callout to Wild Flower is an example of what many Black sexuality professionals face in the field. And more, what Wild Flower Sex did was not accidental, or a one-time mistake. Content Note: This piece contains discussion of anti-Black violence, misogynoir, sexual violence (assault and rape), sex work. Please read at your own discretion....


Sex Education Centers Whiteness — And It’s a Problem

Sexuality is for everyone, because we all deserve to feel pleasure. It’s long past time for sex education to make race part of the conversation. There are few times when I am not aware of my identity as I move through the world. As a young Black, cis, femme; I’m constantly thinking about the ways that...


Why Sexual Education Needs to be Trauma-Informed

True or false: sexual education is very inaccessible, underwhelming and needs to be reformed immediately. I think most people would agree that it’s true. The state of sexual education in the United States of America has so many faults, including the fact that it’s taught from a cisgender-heterosexual point of view and, many times, it’s abstinence-only education. However,...