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For Some Survivors, Phone Sex Can Be A Path To Healing

Knowing I control my pleasure and boundaries comforts me. With phone sex, survivors can get creative on our own terms without sacrificing our pleasure. CW: This piece discusses sexual assault, rape, and harassment trauma. By Bry Reed In my first year of college, I experienced a lot of new things: parties, midterms, and yard shows....


How Cannabis Eased My Pain And Led Me To A Fulfilling Sex Life

After years of dealing with endometriosis and PCOS pain and navigating opioid-based painkillers, cannabis finally helped me find a way to live again. (Content note and disclaimer: this piece briefly mentions sexual assault and addresses medical themes. The article occasionally uses gendered language because the studies referenced on endometriosis and PCOS pain only include or...


Sweet Vibrations: Everyone Deserves Their “O”

Sweet Vibrations is dedicated to ensuring that your pleasure is a priority. This is a sponsored post in partnership with Sweet Vibrations Despite there being more open discussions about sex and sexuality, the policing and shaming of pleasure and masturbation persists, particularly for people with vulvas. Because the stigma remains, people looking to explore what...


‘Pleasure Activism’ Delves Into The Politics of Sex and Desire

adrienne maree brown’s “Pleasure Activism” offers its readers so much to think about and grapple with.  by Josie Pickens  Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good is a collection of essays, interviews, manifestos and other musings, and its author adrienne maree brown wants you sweet, sticky and dripping—like honey—when you’re done reading it. brown is...


My Vow of Celibacy Helped Me Find Sexual Liberation

My sexual accessibility has never been up to me, and this was a crucial and painful epiphany to have. Content Warning: this essay mentions depression and instances of sexual coercion. It’s not that I haven’t been celibate before. As someone who lives in the gray area of the asexual and aromantic spectrums, I’ve gone long...


DYKES: Our Sexuality Pushes Beyond the Limits of Cisheteronormativity

In their piece for #BodyPositivityInColor, James Factora explores how societal perceptions of lesbianism are often boiled down to a single experience instead of a complex and varied tapestry, and how those perceptions are severely limited by heteronormativity and marred by transphobia.  By James Factora I’ve always been visibly, obviously, loudly queer, a perception that has...