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“Bisexual Men Are The Best In Bed” Is Fetishistic Biphobia

Using bisexual+ men’s presumed superlativeness encourages sexual intrigue firmly rooted in the biphobic reduction of bisexual+ men to objects of sexual pleasure.  TW: biphobia, sexual violence/rape culture, mention of sexual abuse against boys, mention of genitalia, fetishization of bisexual+ men, misogyny  By J.R. Yussuf “Bisexual men are the best in bed” is a comment that...


Sexual Assault Awareness Month: A Wear Your Voice Reading List

Wear Your Voice curated a list of the many pieces we published over the past few years which are fitting reads for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Content Note: discussions of sexual violence, including r/pe, abuse of minors, coercion, and stealthing  Survivors of sexual violence need space to be able to talk about and work through...


Committing Harm Is Not The Same As Being Abusive

In conflating harm with abuse, we contribute to disposability politics and stray further away from a more just future of accountability and healing. This essay discusses sexual violence and mentions r/pe My queer parent, Hunter Shackelford, and I sit around and talk a lot. For hours, most days. At the genesis of our relationship, one...


Tamar Braxton and Cishet Black Women’s Complicated Relationships to Queer Black People

Tamar’s statement goes beyond harming cishet men, it opens up a particular kind of violence against Queer Black people. This essay contains discussions of sexual violence and r/pe culture Recently, recording artist and television personality, Tamar Braxton, made a post on her Instagram story where she essentially claims that the one and only reason a...


#ChurchToo: Spiritual Leaders are Abusing Their Power and Abusing Us

Religion is not infallible, and it continually creates space for its leaders to abuse the power that religious interpretations unquestioningly afford them. [TW/CW: This essay contains discussion of sexual violence, including molestation.] My mom once scolded me for swatting the pastor’s wife’s hand away from my head. She had been intrigued by my intricate braids and...


Why It’s Important That We Hold Asia Argento Accountable

Argento shows us that people are capable of being abusive and abused, and her accuser, Jimmy Bennett, also deserves justice. TW: This essay contains mention and descriptions of statutory r/pe In a report published on Sunday, the New York Times reveals that actress Asia Argento made payments totalling $380,000 to actor Jimmy Bennett after allegedly...