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Black Women Have Long Celebrated Their Sexuality Through Music

From Lucille Bogan in the 1930s to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion today, Black women have long celebrated their sexuality. Hess Love’s “Heauxin’ Blues” playlist proves this. Black sexuality has been celebrated in song for generations. Suffice it to say, we been talking about, singing about, rapping about fucking. However, many “respectable” Black folks...


How Cannabis Eased My Pain And Led Me To A Fulfilling Sex Life

After years of dealing with endometriosis and PCOS pain and navigating opioid-based painkillers, cannabis finally helped me find a way to live again. (Content note and disclaimer: this piece briefly mentions sexual assault and addresses medical themes. The article occasionally uses gendered language because the studies referenced on endometriosis and PCOS pain only include or...


What A Sex Resort Taught Me About Shame

It took a few days at the resort to remember that sex doesn’t devalue me and is, in fact, something that adds value to my life. By Gabrielle Noel Last summer, while my friends were on baecations, I traveled with a group of sex writers to “the world’s most iconic adult playground.” Hedonism II, or...


Tamar Braxton and Cishet Black Women’s Complicated Relationships to Queer Black People

Tamar’s statement goes beyond harming cishet men, it opens up a particular kind of violence against Queer Black people. This essay contains discussions of sexual violence and r/pe culture Recently, recording artist and television personality, Tamar Braxton, made a post on her Instagram story where she essentially claims that the one and only reason a...


The State of Fat Representation in Sex: A Weekend at The Sex Expo

Not seeing fat people represented sends a message that fat bodies aren’t desirable. That couldn’t be further from the truth. By Mayra Mejia Let’s face it. Most of us (consenting, adult) fat folks have and enjoy sex. But oftentimes in the sex industry, the only plus-size representation is presented as a fetish. While fetishes can...


Video: Fatphobia Is Not a Sexual Preference by Sonalee Rashatwar

Sexual preferences are not hardwired, they are socially ingrained ideas that we ingest and rarely question. By Sonalee Rashatwar TW/CW: The following video transcript and audio contain mentions of fatphobia, dieting, and trauma. Transcript: Hi! My name is Sonalee Rashatwar, I use she and they pronouns because I identify as non-binary and I’m popularly known...