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How Online Parasocial Dynamics Impact Marginalized Creators

Marginalized people with platforms face harsher expectations and worse criticism when it comes to parasocial dynamics online.  CW/TW: Discussion of white supremacy, queerphobia, social exploitation of marginalized people By Shaanth Nanguneri  In every Tiktok, Youtube video, and Tweet we consume, our parasocial relationships with content creators are evolving. The idea of a parasocial relationship in...


A Parasocial Love Story: Where the Intimate and the Performative Collide

As socialization increasingly shifts online, we are likely to form more (and more intense) parasocial bonds and see a blurring of the boundaries between the real and the parasocial.  By Sohel Sarkar In 1893, when Arthur Conan Doyle shoved his fictional detective Sherlock Holmes off a cliff, fans went into public mourning, forcing the author...


When Whiteness Invades

Whiteness is always invested in taking up more space. As a result, white people often do everything in their power to make every space they enter into more comfortable for whiteness. By Sherronda J. Brown and Lara Witt Wear Your Voice is a small publication. We are run by just a few people, we have...


Big Tech is an Agent of Fascist Repression

Social media companies have also enhanced the technological prowess of the white supremacist carceral state in targeting Black, Brown, Indigenous and working class communities through ostensibly “colorblind” tech. CW: References to Police and Governmental Violence By Omar Zahzah If there ever was a point at which Big Tech’s supposed democratization of social relations and communications...


Nothing About Being Black is Easy, Including Our Hair Care.

Black people are allowed to be honest about our struggle with natural hair. Twitter is an interesting place. There are always arguments and debates happening, many of them inconsequential to my existence. But this week, I was stunned by a Twitter argument about natural hair that might seem small to most, but feels incredibly significant...


How Using Memes Helped Me Deal With Depression

Memes are a valid form of expression and they can help us articulate the difficult, and often stigmatized, effects of depression. By Han Angus Memes in 2017 are a form of communication. We laugh with memes, we cry with memes and we express our annoyance with memes. I have over 500 of them saved on my...