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Surviving Rape as a Prison Abolitionist

People try to poke holes in the prison abolition movement by asking “what about rapists, do you want them just wandering around?” But they already are. TW/CW: mentions of sexual assault and details of r/pe. By Miriam Perez-Putnam It took me two years to tell anyone I had been raped. I won’t go into details...


I Cycle To Save Myself: My Bike Is My Therapy

My bike is my therapy. When I’m stuck in my thoughts, it helps to cycle and see that I can move through literal and metaphorical mountains.  By Ambar Johnson I do not cycle to save the environment, though it’s a great side effect. I don’t even ride a bicycle to save money for buying a...


“Black People Don’t Go to Therapy” and Other Myths Our Parents Told Us

Different fears are now morphing into even more ridiculous, and dangerous, myths that we’ve begun spreading to our children. TW/CW: Mentions of depression, anxiety, learning disabilities, and ableism. By Adrie Rose If you’re Black, there’s a very good chance that your parents are lying to you. Your grandparents too. They’re all lying to you and...


Non-Binary People Share Their Self-Care Tips

For trans and non-binary people, self-care starts with finding your environment, your home. When it comes to self-care, finding sources online will often lead to blogs focused on cisgender people, and doesn’t provide anything for self-care techniques aimed at those within the transgender and gender non-conforming communities. Self-care is not easily accessed by communities where...


How to Find a Therapist as a QTPOC

A therapeutic relationship is a real relationship that requires thoughtful consideration. Mental health is finally being taken more seriously. Around 42.5 million Americans have a mental illness, and LGBTQ+ people are 3 times more likely to experience a mental illness, such as depression or general anxiety disorder. With mental illness being such a prominent issue...