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Gendering Ungender: Notes on Nonbinary Blackness

When we define transness first, always, and only through death, we not only erase the many ways that nonbinary people do die, but we also remove trans people—particularly Black trans women—from life entirely. To preface this essay, I want to be clear that this is intended to be an intracommunal conversation between all of us...


Trans Sex Workers Help People Transform Through Intimacy

I’m here to tell you that trans sex workers are in fact unrecognized therapists for some of the most powerful people in the world. By xoài phạm I was in a beautiful room at the W Hotel drinking a glass of wine with a tall, white man who was sporting a navy blue suit and...


Title IX is Harming Transgender Youth: Here’s What We Can Do

If our youth don’t feel safe in our society, then what kind of society are we? According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, suicide rates and tendencies for TGNC youth are at an all time high. When compared with the general population, risk for TGNC youth range higher, between 32%...


What Gender Is My Brain? The Dangerous Phrenology of “Brain Sex”

History raises cause for concern about the stakes associated with relying upon brain imaging to dictate the source of transgender identity. By Alex Verman When POSE actress Indya Moore tweeted about a “biologically female penis” in February, it created exactly the kind of reaction you might expect. The replies to her tweet are gleefully cruel,...