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The Institutionalized Repression Of Queer And Transgender Rights in Ghana

The absence of media reporting on violence against queer and transgender Ghanaians dismisses the realities of harm that the community experiences and sustains a narrative that we are not human.  By Anima Adjepong Ghana prides itself on being one of the friendliest and most welcoming African countries. Building upon a history of pan-African activism, diaspora/heritage...


Eating Disorders In The Trans Community Are Often An Attempt To Cope With Cisheteropatriarchy

Rampant eating disorders in the trans community and a lack of healthcare access creates a devastating public health issue that needs to be addressed immediately. CW: eating disorders, transphobia By Connie Tran A few months into my eating disorder recovery, I remember having the somber realization halfway into a meal that a relapse was imminent...


Queer Bangladeshis Don’t Need Your Toxic Allyship

Toxic allies often end up unintentionally working together with homophobes. Queer people in Bangladesh deserve genuine allyship. TW/CW: this article contains mentions of queerphobia, homophobia, harassment, abuse, and murder. By Rasel Ahmed Queer Bangladeshi community organizers are witnessing another dangerous surge of homophobic attacks online in Bangladesh. Hundreds of people are making anti-LGBTQ+ videos and...


Trans Sex Workers Help People Transform Through Intimacy

I’m here to tell you that trans sex workers are in fact unrecognized therapists for some of the most powerful people in the world. By xoài phạm I was in a beautiful room at the W Hotel drinking a glass of wine with a tall, white man who was sporting a navy blue suit and...


What Gender Is My Brain? The Dangerous Phrenology of “Brain Sex”

History raises cause for concern about the stakes associated with relying upon brain imaging to dictate the source of transgender identity. By Alex Verman When POSE actress Indya Moore tweeted about a “biologically female penis” in February, it created exactly the kind of reaction you might expect. The replies to her tweet are gleefully cruel,...


DYKES: Our Sexuality Pushes Beyond the Limits of Cisheteronormativity

In their piece for #BodyPositivityInColor, James Factora explores how societal perceptions of lesbianism are often boiled down to a single experience instead of a complex and varied tapestry, and how those perceptions are severely limited by heteronormativity and marred by transphobia.  By James Factora I’ve always been visibly, obviously, loudly queer, a perception that has...