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I Cycle To Save Myself: My Bike Is My Therapy

My bike is my therapy. When I’m stuck in my thoughts, it helps to cycle and see that I can move through literal and metaphorical mountains.  By Ambar Johnson I do not cycle to save the environment, though it’s a great side effect. I don’t even ride a bicycle to save money for buying a...


Lyft or Uber, It’s All A Quick Ride to a Capitalist Hell

Google “Lyft sexual assault” or “Uber harassment” and you will find one report after another of drivers assaulting, stalking, and kidnapping passengers. By Adrie Rose TW/CW: Mentions of rape, kidnapping, and sexual assault. Uber and Lyft exist to replace public transit. No, seriously. Dade County earmarked $575,000 of its transit budget to subsidize Uber and...