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How My Kittens Saved My Family’s Mental Health

Filipino culture holds a heavy stigmatization towards mental health — it is either ignored entirely, or minimized and mocked. “Why, are you mentally ill?” My mom asked, the sarcasm dripping and oozing from her voice. I’d just handed her an article called “Cats Are the Unsung Heroes of Mental Health” to support why I wanted...


#EndTheStigma Is Raising Awareness for Mental Illness

Unstable. Moody. Too Much. Extra. Messy. Folks with mental health issues or mental illnesses often hear these words, either directly or indirectly. The stigma against mental illness isolates and kills countless people every year, and leads to coping behaviors including drug use, unsafe/risky sex and, sadly, often suicide. Finding purpose in pain. #chronicillness #mentalhealth #mhealth #awareness...


Why Sexual Education Needs to be Trauma-Informed

True or false: sexual education is very inaccessible, underwhelming and needs to be reformed immediately. I think most people would agree that it’s true. The state of sexual education in the United States of America has so many faults, including the fact that it’s taught from a cisgender-heterosexual point of view and, many times, it’s abstinence-only education. However,...