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To Be Black, Suicidal, And Dedicated To Keeping Black Life Sacred

My greatest fear is dying by the hands of white supremacists and just becoming a hashtag that eventually loses steam. But, I frequently do want to die. TW: This essay discusses suicidality, mentions of Black death, inpatient stays, madness, abuse, police encounter, hopelessness, and depression.  By Lennox Orion It is 2012, I am 15-years-old and...


The Hashtag As Black Death

The Hashtag, used as a way to market the murders of Black people, commodifies their deaths, and as such, separates them from the possibility of life before Death.  We have reached another pivotal moment in modern history; a continuation of the radical movement birthed in 2014 through the murder of Mike Brown in Ferguson. Months...


Teaching Beyond Respectability Politics

In the wake of the deaths of Jordan Edwards and Richard Collins, two more black boys left to a hashtag, the highlighting of accolades and posturing is more prevalent than ever. By Erica Buddington “Silence and uniformity are not reflections of a job well done.” I said this to a former supervisor who’d walked into...


Why I’m Voting for Michelle Obama

When First Lady Michelle Obama took the stage in New Hampshire this month to rally for Hillary Clinton — and responded with authentic anger and horror to Donald Trump’s remarks about groping women — I was at first disappointed that Trump had once again managed to make the presidential campaign all about himself. But as...


How Much Of An Activist For Black Lives Is LeBron James?

Unless Lebron James plans to risk his career and get arrested in the streets during a live Cavs game, public statements and court symbolism are as far as he can go under white supremacist capitalism. It’s never been easy being a Black athlete. First, at the outset of birth of national leagues, Blacks with any...