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These Are The Companies Profiting From Detaining Migrants At Border Concentration Camps

It doesn’t do migrants and refugees a service to pretend that white supremacy, capitalism and other forms of oppression aren’t intertwined. Today Wayfair employees walked out to protest the company’s sales to the U.S. government and its contractor’s concentration camps (let’s call them what they are) based in Texas.  547 Wayfair employees signed a letter...


Before You Share Info About ICE Raids on Social Media, Read This

Stop copying and pasting unverified reports about ICE raids. You may mean well, but you’re hurting immigrant communities. Do this instead. If you’ve spent any time on Facebook lately, you’ve probably seen people sharing information about places where Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers have been conducting raids or checkpoints. While the sentiment behind this...


You Don’t Support Immigrants When You Say This

If you support workers’ rights, that means supporting all labor, including the undocumented people who make your clothes and pick your strawberries. Today, people all over the U.S. are striking in support of “A Day Without Immigrants.” As we now exist under the Trump regime, where talk of a Mexican border wall and a Muslim Ban isn’t...