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4 Things People Do That Harm Survivors of Sexual Violence

From derailing, to gaslighting, to unsolicited advice: people derail important conversations held by survivors of sexual assault. TW/CW: this article discusses sexual assault/violence as well as gaslighting of a sexual assault survivor  By Gloria Oladipo Sometimes, to shame the devil, we have to share our secrets. Especially when it comes to exposing predators in our...


Gentrification Is Not A Myth, It Is Very Real Violence

Through a violent process imbued with white supremacy and capitalism, gentrification continues to wreak havoc upon Black neighborhoods across america. Close your eyes and do this exercise: Think of your favorite Black restaurant in your favorite Black neighborhood in your city. Think of what it’s surrounded by, who frequents it, how good it makes you...


RAG HEAD: Exploring the Violence Perpetrated Against Sikhs in the U.S.

Sundeep Morrison’s RAG HEAD exposes the ways in which Sikhs are increasingly unsafe in this xenophobic society. Hate, racism and xenophobia have become a regular part of the lives of Sikh people in the United States. According to a report by CNN, in the month following the 9/11 attacks, the Sikh Coalition documented more than 300 cases of...


Dishonor Roll: Campus Sexual Assaults Begin Before College

When engaging in conversations about campus assault awareness, we cannot limit it to higher education and college campuses.  TW/CW: This essay contains extensive discussion of sexual violence involving minors, including mentions of r/pe. On June 10, a high school valedictorian had her mic cut off during her commencement ceremony speech. Lulabel Seitz tried to speak...


Me Too: Survivorship Is Neither Linear Nor Binary

Much like intimate violence, gender identities and expressions that extend beyond the binary are subject to suspicion and flat-out denial. [TW- description of sexual assault and violence.] By Bani Amor Memory is a motherfucker. As an adult who copes with trauma from abuse, mostly in my youth, I get frustrated with it sometimes, like, why you...