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COVID-19, Celebrities, and A Dystopian Preview of The Future

COVID-19 has exposed what we already knew: that the rich (and famous) will always have priority access to crucial, life-saving resources. Watching this virus collapse whole economic systems, flip historic beefs on their head, and—slowly, but systematically—bring every “developed” country it touches to its knees has been interesting to watch. But perhaps the most interesting...


Kill Your Idols Before Empty Platitudes and Capitalism Kill You

The cults of personality that surround our “faves”— political, entertainment, or otherwise — are a result of misguided worship of wealth and status. By Adrie Rose Once again, Nancy Pelosi did something entirely boring, commonplace, and—frankly—insignificant that has white liberals frothing at the mouth. Nancy Pelosi has had a career characterised by violent indifference to...


From Lebanon to Chile, Protesters Are Uniting Against The Ruling Class

In Chile, Iraq, and Lebanon, people have put aside their sectarian and ethnic differences to fight back against corrupt, capitalist systems of oppression. CW: mentions of police/ government brutality, mentions of sexual violence, death “Thawra! Thawra! Thawra!” As you watch videos of the Lebanese uprising, you can hear protesters call for revolution in the streets...


Everyone Should Know What Happened to Black Wall Street

No, the massacre of hundreds of Black folks—one of the worst terrorist attacks in U.S. history—really happened, and most people, especially white Americans, have never even heard of it.  This essay contains discussion of anti-Black violences, including assault and murder.


I Do Not Have The Same 24 Hours As Beyoncé

For those of us who live below or at the poverty line, our 24 hours are very different from the wealthy. You may be learning increasingly about capitalism and the ways in which it touches every aspect of our lives, especially with regards to student loan debt, healthcare and stagnating wages. There are efforts around the...


How I Benefited from Tax Evasion and Wealth Hoarding

I’m writing this as someone who personally has benefited from tax evasion and wealthy people hoarding wealth. I’m writing this as an anarchist who doesn’t believe that the state is interested in our liberation. By Yahya Alazrak Walking into my family’s factories, the sound pulls you in like an undertow, humming electric and mechanical. Light...