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When President Barack Obama took the reins of America back in 2008, he and Vice President Biden decided to try and fizzle out the burning embers of sexual assailants by reconditioning the men in our colleges.

[highlight ]Be direct. Ask someone who looks like they may need help if they’re ok.[/highlight]

The White House started an It’s On Us campaign and tried to change the guidelines of our campuses to better recognize, deal, handle, speak about and fix the continuos problem of sexual abuse against women.


Obama called to the young men and women of our nation, letting them know it’s on us to do something, speak up, speak out and say something!

[highlight ]THE PLEDGE[/highlight] for It’s On Us is a personal commitment to help keep women and men safe from sexual assault. It is a promise not to be a bystander to the problem, but to be a part of the solution.

Obama and Biden even constructed a Dear Colleague Letter, which is a [highlight ]significant guidance document[/highlight] under the Office of Management and Budget’s Final Bulletin for Agency Good Guidance Practices. This three page letter talks about how to deal with sexual harassment on campus along with sexual assault, violence, battery, and coercion. This letter goes onto publishing many statistics of percentages of sexual violence against both women and men.

resizeThe letter also discusses the obligations of the schools when handling sexual assault.

Separately, there is a Fact Sheet which tells you information such as:

[highlight ]Victims of sexual assault are more likely to suffer academically and from depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, to abuse alcohol and drugs, and to contemplate suicide[/highlight]

The letter also includes a section “Know Your Rights

[highlight ]Even if a student or his or her parent does not want to file a complaint or does not request that the school take any action on the student’s behalf, if a school knows or reasonably should know about possible sexual harassment or sexual violence, it must promptly investigate to determine what occurred and then take appropriate steps to resolve the situation.[/highlight]


Though most colleges took pride in the It’s On Us campaign, the campaign didn’t seem to stick. Sure, people got the t-shirt, but did they get the point?!

How can we create a campaign that will break ground and frack through the minds American youth so that we can forever make a difference and put the fire out of this burning rape culture?!?!

[highlight ]THE POSSIBLE SOLUTION[/highlight] get the famous people involved! The White House made a It’s On Us: Sexual Assault PSA.

Along with that, It’s On Us gave out several tips.

[highlight ]Talk to your friends honestly and openly about sexual assault.[/highlight]

[highlight ]Don’t just be a bystander — if you see something, intervene in any way you can.[/highlight]

As someone who has personally experienced rape in their life, I found It’s On Us to be one of the better campaigns out there. The campaign actually connected with all the schools, brought it to the campuses attention, created a conversation on what to do and how to proceed while never ever blaming anyone for anything.

It’s On Us was one of the most positive anti rape culture campaigns I had ever come across. This campaign literally told you the guidelines of how to be a better person contributing to American society.

[highlight ]If you see someone who is too intoxicated to consent, enlist their friends to help them leave safely.[/highlight]

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[highlight ]Never blame the victim.[/highlight]