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In the biggest news of the week:

Hillary Clinton Announces Run For Presidency


Former First Lady and U.S Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton announced her run to become our 45th POTUS. While we’re not throwing any endorsement her way, and let it be noted that Hillary has an immense amount of inherent privilege over most women, the fact remains true that a woman having a chance at the white house shows the mental shift of Americans across the U.S accepting the notion of having a female leader in power. How this affects the rest of us ladies from sea to shining sea remains to be seen…

Ohio Principle Thinks Feminist Is a Bad Word

Left: The shirt unedited. Right: shirt (middle) with the word edited out. Source: MS News Now

An Ohio principle decides to black out the word ‘feminist’ from a middle school girl’s tee shirt  worn during a class photo. When the student asked the principal why she had the photo edited, she responded “the photographer called me and brought it to my attention and I made the decision to black it out because some people might find it offensive.” Right, because demanding for gender equality is really some fucked up shit.

Rain Dove Comes to Bay for Queer Fashion Week

Photo Courtesy: Natalie Coblentz; Dove (Center)

Model Rain Dove stopped over in the Bay for a weekend of epic when queer + fashion created a fashion explosion right here in the Bay!  Dove’s been listed as one of 12 women redefining beauty by Elle Magazine (Dove was also featured in an article by Marie Claire) Check out Rain, in her own words during this clip from Arise & Shine, and after Rain has won you over with her charisma, check her out on the pilot of Oxygen’s latest series, Living Different.

Chess Master: “Women suck at chess”


British former World Chess Championhip finalist Nigel Short claims fact that women aren’t as good at chess than men…As an avid chess player whose partner can never seem to beat her, I take personal offense to this! In the latest New In Chess magazine Short stated :

“Rather than fretting about inequality, perhaps we should just gracefully accept it as a fact”

Says the man who plays a game in which the queen hold all the power….Just sayin’…