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This week in feminism, we cover the latest videos going viral on social media.

 Lize Miele: Feminist Sex Positions Rock

While the bit is a few months old, the video has picked up traction within the last couple weeks on social media. Stand up comedian Liz Miele receives our standing ovation for her “feminist sex positions” joke. After walking in on her younger brother and sister exchanging crude sex positions men make, Miele took the experience as opportunity to switch the roles and give her own feminist take on the outdated bit, creating three unique feminist sex positions. For a night of hot sex play sans patriarchy, try the 19th amendment.

Fitness Blogger Casey Ho Address Fat Shaming in Video 

Popular fitness blogger and certified personal trainer Casey Ho, uploaded a new video on her YouTube channel, a response to the harassment she faces from those who criticize her weight. In a blog post uploaded to her website, Ho stated “You will see what it looks like to have your self-esteem stripped away. You will read real comments left by real people. You will see me struggle with my own appearance.” The video has gone viral since it was uploaded last week, generating over 3 million views.

Elizabeth Plank, Mic create new video addressing #PinkTax

Have you heard of this ridiculousness? #PinkTax has been hashtaging on Twitter this week after social commentator Elizabeth Plank explains in this video how beauty services and products targeted at women cost more than those targeted at men. You must be thinking “there’s probably more ingredients that go into making a woman’s product.” WRONG–Women are spending thousands more on products than men for no apparent reason other than pretty packaging. Looks like we’ll be smelling like Old Spice for a while too…

 Olivia Wilde On Feminism

In an interview with Huffington Post Live, Wilde address in a few simple words why feminism is still seen as a loaded term: “people have a hard time understanding what it really means.”