Hey, Weight Watchers: Stop Saying Fat Women Don’t Like Sex

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Weight Watchers Black
Weight Watchers Black

In a recent Weight Watchers campaign, the longtime fat-shaming company makes the ridiculous accusation that fat women enjoy sex less than their thin sisters.

The accusation is disgusting and reiterates the notion that fat women are either completely stripped of all sexuality or are hypersexualized — almost always by an external force. The weight-loss giant has decided to hit fat people in one of the most vulnerable spaces: their bedrooms.

Simply put, they suggest that if they want to be comfortable having sex with the lights on, it’s time to go on a diet.

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This particular ad is aimed at Australian women who may be carrying a few extra pounds. Weight Watchers’ “body positive report” found that one in four Australian women “have avoided sexual activity on at least one occasion due to body self-consciousness.”

Guardian Australia’s Bridie Jabour calls out their awful PR stunt:

The copy reads:

Let’s be honest for a minute, sex is pretty damn fantastic. But if you’ve ever felt self-conscious in the sack, you’re not alone — we’ve heard that more than half of women have avoided sex because they were worried about how they look.

This globe is a “mood light” designed to give you a little boost in the bedroom (a PG sex toy, if you will). We hope it helps you start seeing yourself in a new light — to love how you look and love how you feel.

Thanks for your concern, Weight Watchers, but if you want to send me a sex toy, I’m more of a We Vibe kind of gal. And screwing with the lights on isn’t an issue — nor is fucking blindfolded and in semi-public places.

It’s time you update your perception of fat women instead of using the “negging” techniques employed by gross pickup artists ten years ago. GTFOH, Weight Watchers. Don’t forget your fedora and guyliner.


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