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In case you have not been keeping up with the feminist internet– the #YESALLWOMEN hashtag has been keeping it real. Following last weeks shooting– there has been a lot of fury, sadness, conversation and trolling going on. In trying to channel my own anger—  I compiled a few readings I found useful in contextualizing the horrid violence that occurred.  While trying to talk about the relationship of these killings to patriarchy and male entitlement (particularly to men, or women who are convinced  that they can’t get behind radical feminism)  it’s always helpful to have a few articles to fall back on. PLZ dont let anyone Mansplain (on of my favorite words) the event to you to  I know this seems may seem silly to link to other websites– but GRLS gotta stick together.  WYVMAG is part of a larger web culture of rad women and we gotta learn from each other! #YESALLWOMEN


Because women are also programmed to ask what she was wearing/how much she drank when she said she was raped.


1. Rebecca Solnit, Bay Area BAD ASS– author  of “Men Explain Things To Me”  Gives a killer interview with Democracy Now.



2. If you have a nerdy tech bro in your life– maybe this is the article to send them when they can’t seem to understand why #notallmen is a fucked up hashtag.   Written by a self identified male nerd– the author takes on an actual sense of accountability to #yesallmen.




(Martha Plimpton tweet above)

3. Via Jezebel– we have the terrifying chat room account from PUAHate ( the group Rodger was a part of) Don’t read right before sleep.  But if you are still trying to convince someone that there is an entire culture of engrained scary misogyny that exists— try this one.



Lastly, no need to post the article— The Onion headline says it all in—

No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens