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This week,  WYV spoke with Lalin of The Seshen to find out who’s in her playlist. Featuring Lalin St. Juste (vocals), Akasha Orr (vocals), Aki Ehara (bass), Mahesh Roa (keys), Kumar Butler (samples), Mirza Kopelman (percussion) and Chris Thalmann (drums), the Bay Area-based group creates a unique blend of psychedelia, hip-hop, pop, R&B, West African music, dub and indie rock.

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Check out Lalin’s list for some dreamy, Seshen-inspired tunes to keep you motivated during the Monday rush. In the Bay Area? Lalin will be performing at GUAVA Saturday, April 30, for a night of celebrating life through music, movement, dance, drumming, connection and community. Eventbrite tickets are available here.  Of her upcoming show, Lalin said the solo performance will give her a change to get back to her roots. “I’ve been going back to how I began – which is playing solo shows with me and my guitar. It’s been amazing to get back into showing another side of myself. There’s a different type of vulnerability that is exposed, and I’m embracing it.”

Bells Atlas, “Future Bones”

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Sound: R&B/pop/hip-hop/West African highlife/ bossa nova/psych-rock/ambient

“I love everything this band does. Mostly because there’s an energy they create together that culminates into a sound that is smooth, intriguing, and warm with poetic lyrics. They are beautifully creative.”-Lalin

St. Tropez, “Keep You”

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Sound: “A shared love of 60’s folk, old school dub and classic Afrobeat, band members Sanjay Vora (guitar/vocals), Aki Ehara (bass/production) and Jeremy Fisch (drums) formed the band in 2012. Lalin St. Juste (vocals) and Tom Lattanand (guitar/keys) joined shortly afterward and completed the lineup. “Nostalgic indie pop injected with a unique sense of rhythm and bathed in a dense atmosphere.” –via Facebook 

“St Tropez is lead by musician/artist Sanjay Vora. I sing back up in this band, but take the lead on this one and I am always enthralled by Sanjay’s ability to use melody, time signatures, and chords to create nostalgic, cinematic expression. With this song, he crafted the music into his aesthetic. Changing the time signature takes it almost into a darker place of longing.”-Lalin


Ghost & The City, “Steady Trippin'”

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Sound: jazz/trip-hop/soul

“Aki Ehara spun some magic and created a really fun, sexy remix for Ghost & The City. What I love is that thick synthy bass and all the textures that exist in this song.”-Lalin


Lost Midas, “Off The Course (The Seshen Rework)”


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Sound: Electrofusion

“Lost Midas is our label mate so it was fun to take his song and rework it. Again, you can hear Aki’s propensity for interesting, dynamic sound design. I juxtaposed his production with a soft vocal that I felt brought vulnerability to Lost Midas’ lyrics.”-Lalin

Zakiya Harris, “Shapeshifter”

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Sound: soul/dance/afro-punk/neo soul

“[Zakiya’s] a force and an inspiration. Her music embodies that special ability to tap into something deeper within you…to reach down, grab it, and never let go.”-Lalin


Petite Noir, “Best”

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Sound: Pop/R’&B

“The video explores the modern day ‘Noirwave’ Africa. It examines the perception of Africa as a ‘dark continent’, largely unknown, exotic and distant. It shows the forward-thinking, progressive Africa and illustrates what Ilunga calls the ‘Noirwave’ movement. It looks at how only through visiting the continent can anyone gain a sense of one of its most fascinating features, that of its split identity; how incredibly and indescribably beautiful it is on the one hand, yet on the other hand, how raw and unforgiving it can be.” —Lalin/The Seshen


A Tribe Called Quest, “Electric Relaxation”


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Sound: Hip Hop

“Of course, this is a popular one but it’s so nostalgic for me, especially as a young lil’ Haitian girl who never heard her culture referenced all that much so when I heard, ‘I like ’em brown, yellow, Puerto Rican or Haitian,’ my ears perked up! RIP ‪#‎phifedawg”‬ Lalin

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Featured Photo Credit:  Ginger Fierstein